Thursday, October 19, 2006

aria2 Packages

Hello good people. Today I built two new packages, one is for ares, a package requiered by the nice p2p/bittorrent/metalink client aria2. Of course, the second package is aria2 itself, which was built on my ubuntu 6.06.1 system.

The aria2 package was built without libgcrypt because I couldn't get it to compile because it didn't find libgpg-error, although it was already installed. This does not mean this package lacks checksum support, as it was built with OpenSSL.

I hope you enjoy the packages!

Download the ares package!
Download the aria2 package!


Ant said...

Would it be possible to rebuild these with metalink and checksum verification support? thanks.

Arturo said...

Metalink is not working? So thats why my downloads failed... :P

Ok, I will try to rebuild the packages with metalink and checksum support. I will build them for edgy and possibly dapper.

If you have any comments on this please leave them here. Thanks

Art said...

Unfortunately, the file links have expired. Could you please make the packages available again?

Arturo said...

Sure, I'll rebuild them in the following week. I've been quite busy, but now I have some free time. Check during next week for the packages.