Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Busy as hell

Well, I know there has been a lack of posts these past two weeks. Its just that life caught up with me, and so homework and studying became part of my life yet again. However, only a month remains before I get some much-needed rest. Be patient, more info will come your way.

As a sidenote, here is a screenshot of a programming project some friends and I have been working on. Its a Java game based on the ancient game Mancala, but with tuxes, so its Tuxcala! I hope that it will be published here along with its source code when its ready.


Alhvi said...


Just checking your blog :P. The screenshot looks great here :D. Let me tell you that I'm so proud of you because of your effort and dedication on this little project. I know that as you say you're busy as hell but see, here are the results of your work. And I really want to see tuxcala published so try to work on it when you get some time.

Yes sirum em kez.

Anonymous said...

I like your bloog.

Arturo said...

Thanks a lot both of you! :D