Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Update script updated!

So yeah, after many months I updated my trivial update script to use aptitude instead of apt-get. Why? Well, because for one, aptitude manages dependencies better than apt-get does. Suppose you installed some KDE library that you needed to compile something, and by doing that you installed half of KDE itself. If you remove that library with apt-get it will leave behind all of the other crap it installed along with it, but if you use aptitude it will remove the rest of the crap too, making it very useful indeed.

Here it is:

# Author: Arturo José Monterroso García
# Release Date: December 04, 2006
# Last Updated: June 05, 2007

sudo aptitude clean && sudo aptitude autoclean && sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude upgrade && sudo updatedb

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