Sunday, August 27, 2006

Human stupidity

Today on the newspaper I was reading about a girl from pakistan who was murdered (beheaded) by her own father. He did it because she was living with an italian man, she smoked and had a tatoo, and refused to marry one of her cousins in pakistan, as the family had arranged.

The mother said her daughter was a "bad muslim", and that she dishonored the family. That may be ok, but not enough reason to kill your own daughter. It seems to me that the guilty ones here are the girl's parents, because if they wanted to keep their home country traditions they shouldn't have left it in the first place. How can they expect their sons not to be influenced by the european/occidental culture they're exposed to every day?

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Sorin Gitlan said...

Very very true.. some people say that it is their way of life and traditions.. but like you said it.. IT IS HUMAN STUPIDITY.. no body has the right to take someones life..