Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Ubuntu effect

Ever since I switched to ubuntu I've noticed my chronic torrent-downloading habbit has decreased by leaps and bounds. I think this is in part because there is a lack of decent bittorrent clients on linux. I know there is azureus, but it consumes a lot of ram and I haven't had the best of experiences with it on ubuntu.

There's hope though, and it's not uTorrent, but it's close. It's a client called Transmission. It's small, fast and sleek. It works really good, and I get the same speeds I achieved with azureus on windows xp, so no problems there. Still, there seems to be a problem with Transmission and some tracker sites, like demonoid. This bug (I think is a bug) makes your ratio go up or go down, so it's risky, but this has been reported with the svn unstable version (0.7.x I think), so if you're having problems just downgrade to 0.6.1 and you're good to go.

If you're searching for a nice bittorrent client on ubuntu just do sudo apt-get install transmission-0.6.1 and try it out!


Paul Williams said...

Um, or the official client, gnome-btdownload. Works great, lighweight. It's in the repos.

virens said...

Nice article. But there is an qtorrent torrent client, small, graphical and fast. Try it.

Arturo said...

The official client is too simple, it doesn't have some features I need. Also, I'm aware of qtorrent, but it's Qt based and it needs extra libraries and stuff to work properly.

Being on a gnome desktop I prefer GTK/Glade apps. Transmission is GTK so I favor it over other clients like qtorrent. :)

Anonymous said...

use deluge, transmission is too limited